I love, just love the way general audiences (and reviewers) are having zero problem picking up on the romantic subtext between Cas & Hannah (well, on Hannah’s side at least), when it is literally just a mirroring of early Cas/Dean interactions. Is it because Hannah has had (arguably) slightly more textual confirmation, or is this just more heteronormativity coming through?

I know which option I’m leaning towards.

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Pierce The Veil - Bulletproof Love + Destiel
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Favorite moments of S10 so far —> 10x02 Reichenbach 

pt.1 maybe?

Someone take this computer away from me.


A song based on Twist & Shout! Enjoy the tears.


I am the shore and you are the sea.

You always come right back to me.

I don’t know why a guy like you would ever

love me too

Forever our love will last

So here it goes; Dear Cas.

I didn’t want us to fall apart

Destiny changed my heart

I know it was my fault. I left you but

I found my way back, too.

Forever our love will last

So here it goes; Dear Cas.

You are the shore and I am the sea

As rocky as it can be.

I’ll always love you, that’s a guarantee.

I hope you will love me.

Forever our love will last

So here it goes; Dear Cas.

Forever our love will last

So here it goes; Dear Cas.

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Headcanon: Dean is a total Constantine Fanboy.

Cas knew.

* grin*

ps: All Cas is saying are actual line from the comic.


"I’ll be Jack from All Time Low for Halloween. Just get naked and walk through the streets."
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"Yo no entiendo porque Alicia dejo el país de las maravillas."

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Porque era una mentira

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Se le acabo la plata para comprar mas droga /:

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All Time Low - Band Members

inspired by (x)


I saw a Johnlock one so I had to do one for my OTP







i think i’d like for cas to get the anti possession tattoo between his shoulder blades

or alternatively this


if Cas gets an anti-possession tat will it prevent demon!Dean from “entering” him?


The Supernatural fandom asks the important questions

what if demon!dean take Cas to get the tattoo because he’s scared of what he might do?


it’s transparent.

I don’t own the original edit, I just made it transparent!